I suppose French is hard for foreigners. Anyway, it's
probably very hard to write it correctly, as it seems
that no Frenchman is able to do it. On this very day I
got 2 professional e-mails, issued by French,
(supposed) educated people, containing such horrible
faults as "Nous avons ignorer". Normally, a 7-year old
child is supposed not to make this mistake (confusing
infinitive with past participle).

But Russian is definitively harder than German, for
English people just like for French, I guess, this
mainly because of the aspects. French, German and
English have no real aspects, anyway, nothing like the
Russian ones. Compared with this, alphabet is
relatively anecdotical.

--- "Mark J. Reed" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Er.  French?  Easier than the other Romance
> languages - for
> Anglophones? Are you feeling okay?  Temperature,
> perhaps? :)
> Having studied both Spanish and French I found
> Spanish much, much easier - even
> though I learned it first and therefore had its
> Romanceness on the brain to
> help me with French.  And Italian is only slightly
> harder than Spanish,
> while still easier than French.  Portuguese I can't
> really judge because I
> studied it after both Spanish and French and could
> never extricate it
> from the other two successfully.
> > German
> I would say German is harder than any of the Romance
> languages, despite
> the familial relationship with English.  It's those
> darn cases.  I would
> put German on par with Russian, actually; I think
> the only thing that makes
> Russian more difficult than German is the extra
> hurdle of learning a new alphabet.
> -Mark

Philippe Caquant

"High thoughts must have high language." (Aristophanes, Frogs)

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