I believe that one should make a distinction between a mult-volume work
and a work in a series.

A multi-volume will have the same information as a book, except that it
will appear in more than physical unit. In contrast, a series is, to
quote the *Chicago Style Manual,* "a sequence of publications related in
subject matter and developed under the supervision of an editor or gorup
of editors well grounded in that subject matter."

In other words, a multivolume work does not require the series element;
a work in a series does.

Here is a work in a multi volume system:

     <biblStruct id="Cline" rend="multivolume-book">
                 <name type="initials">C.L.</name>
                 <name type="last">Cline</name>
             <title level="m"><seg type="nonfiling">The </seg>Letters of
                 George Meredith</title>
                 <publisher>Clarendon Press</publisher>
                 <biblScope type="pages">125</biblScope>
                 <!--total number of volumes-->
                 <biblScope type="vols">3</biblScope>
         <note type="source"><ref target="Chicago">533 (15.89)</ref></note>
         <note type="desc">In this case, the editor would appear first
             because it is prominent.</note>



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