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Over the last year there has been some public discussion of the
"replacement Janus" mechanism for P5. The quick overview is that, in
order to avoid putting content (which might need markup) in attribute
values (which can't have markup), it has been suggested that we change
the so-called Janus tags from things like

  <corr sic="adnire">admire</corr>
  <orig reg="w">vv</orig>ith <orig reg="w">vv</orig>hat charity
  the <abbr expan="Text Encoding Initiative Consortium">tei-c</abbr>

to things like

  </choice>hat charity the
  <choice src="abbr">
    <expan>Text Encoding Initiative Consortium</expan>

The TEI Council would like to enlist the assistance of interested
parties in helping them consider the issues involved. Therefore, this
is a call for volunteers to write up a short working paper on the
issues surrounding the use of the new mechanism and of the previous
attribute mechanism. (Note that some have referred to the new
mechanism as the "choice" mechanism, but the name of the element used
in the examples above is not carved in stone, and is one issue the
authors of this working paper may wish to address.)

Current thinking is that a first draft of the paper should be ready by
Sat 07 Aug, and the final version should be ready on Thu 16 Sep.

Interested volunteers should reply to [log in to unmask]