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> > Hi all!!! I'm a new-comer. This is the BRAND NEW language I invented.
> Welcome to the list! I've been here since 1997 and I'm still lost.
> > Vowels
> > a e i o u oo
> > o is pronounced as schwa
> > oo is as o:
> >
> > Consonants
> > b p d t g k s z ch j sh zh
> I assume the consonants are pronounced (in X-SAMPA): /b p d t g k s z tS dZ
> S Z/, or is b voiceless plain and p voiceless aspirated, as in Pinyin? And
> the vowels... what would <e> be, /e:/?

e is /e:/
and the consonant are like this.
p is unaspirated.

> > Basic words:
> > Ta==My name is Gong Xun
> > Ku==I invented this language
> > Doo==Do you think I use free software?
> You have such short words for entire sentences; are all the words like that?
> Seems like you'd need either longer words or many more consonants and
> vowels.

Well, quite right. Only a small joky language...

Seriously, I'm working on a language called BangFa