Again, thiswas delayed by technical errors on my part.
John Leland

Words relating to "bolt":

Arrow in Rihana-ye is rajija (windknife); in my "dead" language Natece it
is  allahtec (loanword from English arrow plus the -tec tool suffix). The
crossbow   has not appeared in any of my concultures as yet, so there is no
word  for crossbow bolt.

 Lightning in Rihana-ye is taliha (sky-light).
In Zatona-ye (native name Hos Tir Yob) it is sos and in
 its southern variant Pi-Zatona-ye it is shosh.
In Natece it is nhatlechatechana  (Godfire)--long
 compounds like this are one reason Natece "died."
 In Jases Lalal it might be jasap, but that has not been approved yet.

 There is no specific word for "piece of cloth" in any of my languages as
yet,  but  clothing is bate in Rihana-ye and lana in Kushy Yemu.

Additional words relating to "pit" from my other languages:
Hole in Natece is enechanae.

Seed in Jases Lalal is gasag or ganan, though these are considered too close
to Rihana-ye to be "proper" especially gasag.
In Kushy yemu seed is gany.
In Natece seed is atecnantlec.

In reading over another Rihana-ye text (the Silisa-ye Hejoha or Diamond
Strike) I found an additional word for tunnel: lesa (through-stone) apparently a
shorter form of

Logical coinages in Rihana-ye would be felebate for knot in a rope, and
mathetafa for knot as sandpiper. Knot as a measure of speed does not exist
in any of my concultures.