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> { Andreas Johansson }
> "I'm afraid I've got a schwa in the first syllable of 'America' (when
> speaking English) [snip]"
> to tie off this snarky flamebait, let me note that many people have a
> schwa in BOTH [a]s of "America" when speaking English, or even have
> only one ("Merr'cuh").

LOL!  I've been thinking about all the swallowed syllables in the English I
speak.  When speaking to the cat, "Look out!"  always comes out /kout/.
Often with a swallowed final "t".  When responding to something I say, my
husband generally responds /m'ke/ for "okay."  There's always that little
weird "m."  I shouldn't complain.  He could say "nope!"

It's a word the derivation of which I wonder about.  Whence the final "p"?
An exaggerated glottal stop?