XII. Galiba-de Kovaroha-ye Diha
Greenman-to Charter-of Part

Galiba hetiba-fe-ye tiniba Pitibada-deke se kuvaroha
Greenman freemen's headman Hotprince-for this charter (sic)
ko fufe hetiba-fe veba-fe-ye hana bo-mi
gives all freemen their land taking...

NOTE:  This is apparently a fragment of a charter (presumably by Pitibada)
to  Greenman and the Hetiha rebels, probably recognizing their position in
return for their aid in ransoming him from Hemana (Jasas/Desert).
Kuvaroha is an error for Kovaroha, meaning charter. Kuvaroha actually means

Here follows Item 13, which I have also included in the separate
Sehahuzu (Yawalira/Blackwind) collection. 13 is the last item in the
Hetiba-fe-ye Diha-fe (Freemen'sFragments) collection.After printing this series, I
intend to print the Sehahuzu collection.
John Leland

XIII. Galiba ge Yawalira
Greenman and Blackwind
Note: Also copied into Sehahuzu (Blackwind) Collection

Galiba Pitibada-fe hewonoha-jomiha-ve,
Greenman Hotprice-with peace-making after,
Yawalira hetiba-fe-ye tibiba hewonoha he wijo.
Blackwind freemen's commander peace not made.
Se kere tifisa-fe-me Yawalira Pitibada-pe
This from mountains-in Blackwind Hotprince-against
wiwobo. Veba fugefu yawa-le Pitibada-ye
fought. He very greatly night-thru Hotprince's
biba-fe-ye vebasa-pe wipewobo.
soldiers' camp attacked.
Kere baka-fe veba-de sevaroha
So people him-to name
Yawalira wiko. Pitibada-ye biba-fe
Blackwind gave. Hotprince's warriors
veba-ke wikevejo, ge veba-fe
him-from fled, and they
wivaro Yawalira biwo-i biba-fe wigo.
said Blackwind dead soldiiers ate.

Note the last word (wigo) is the past form of the verb go (eat) which we
discussed on the list some time ago.