On Jun 10, 2004, at 11:53 PM, Rachel Klippenstein wrote:
> Or, here's a briefer description:
> -It's based on relative pitch, not absolute pitch
> -There are 7 different notes (the equivalent of segments)
> -Beats (the equivalent of syllables) contain 1 to 4 notes
> -The relative lengths of the notes within the beat is not phonemic
> So the system needs to be able to represent the 7 notes and their
> grouping into beats; I think that's all.

> What do youguys think?  Letters, numbers or something else?  I guess
> you could write it in solfege...  That might be better.  Hmm, that
> would give something like
> do dofati dorefaso-fati fasoti-lami do
> -Estel

What about a system where you associate the shapes of letters with the
notes they're supposed to represent, like in my WhistleLang?


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