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> So your teachers are really wrong in saying that dangling prepositions are
> exclusive to English. Dutch has them (though with a slightly different
> use), I'm pretty sure Frisian and Afrikaans have them too, and I wouldn't
> be surprised if Low German dialects, if not High German, would have them
> too. What about Scandinavian tongues?

They've got it. And unlike in the anglophone world, you don't find any
prescriptivists complaining about it. But I'm not sure if the Scandinavian
languages count as "close continental cousins" of English.

High German doesn't have any dangling prepositions I can think of. It does ban
prep plus "it", but that's solved by replacing the prepostional phrase with an
adverb, generally formed by _da(r)-_ plus preposition, eg _daran_, _damit_,