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> Faith is not blindness to reason, but reason is not integrated in any
> way to Faith.  In some ways, Faith can be seen as the antithesis of
> Reason - that is, rather than being based on reason, it is formed around
> blind trust.
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Well said!

(/me is from the atheist camp.)

> For instance,
> belief in the existence of a God is not inherently irrational.

Depending on your definitions of rationality, there are
rational reasons to assume the non-existence of a God.
Do you know "Battleground God" yet?  There is a lengthy
discussion of that point in the FAQ: ,

sections 1 and 2.  Note that it's well possible to pass
the test as a Christian.  It's about internal consitency
rather than about right or wrong.  I've heard people
disagree with certain of its tenets of logic, though.
Your mileage may vary.

Please reply to me in private if you want to; this is
not a topic for the list.

-- Christian Thalmann