On Mon, 28 Jun 2004 16:49:50 -0400,
John Cowan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> J?rg Rhiemeier scripsit:
> > Indeed, I am considering that.  So perhaps I'll set up a Yahoo!Group,
> > even if I don't like Yahoo! much.  Does anyone here know how to do that?
> I have just done so.  You can subscribe by sending a blank email to
> [log in to unmask], or by going to the page
> .
> Note that while posting is limited to members, the archives are open to
> all, so don't say anything that'll jeopardize your future political career.

Please delete that group again.  Yahoo! doesn't let me sign up
(for whichever reason; it presents me with a list of empty choices
for two fields and doesn't take those empty choices for answers,
asking me to pick one of the empty choices again, again not accepting
them, etc. etc.) so I will never be able to post there.
Unless another solution is found, discussion of LLL matters has to
take place here on CONLANG, despite all arguments against such
a solution.  I am sorry about that, but Yahoo! is not an option.

I hereby declare that the lostlangs yahoogroup has nothing to do
with the League of Lost Languages.  So please, John, delete it
or at least change the description if you want to keep it up
for some other purpose.