Don skribis:

>To a great extent, for most people this is due to a lack of motivation
>and/or opportunity.

There may be a problem of motivation, but the opportunity appears to be
there.  I was taught two foreign languages as school.  As an adult I have
tried to learn at least one more, but I havent reached full fliuency in any
of them.  If I had the motivation I could do evening classes and maybe get
fliuent that way.  But to be honest, I find Ido more fun...

>Nonetheless, most studies show that this "propaedeutic" effect really
>works, though, of course, there is some dependency on the relationship
>between languages.

I think it may have a lot to do with the relationship between the languages.
  I reached a high standard (still some way short of fluency) in French, but
this didnt prepare me for German, which I just found a nightmare.  Later I
tried to learn Spanish and I cant say my French helped me there either.
Learning irregularities, exceptions to rules just doesnt help you learn
other irregularities.  I guess I just prefer regular, rule-based systems.

>The solution, of course, is to make one of the two "foreign languages"
>common to all Europeans, and then allowing the insistence on a second
>foreign language to die on the vine. This seems to be the solution the
>Eurarchs are actually aiming for, despite any claims of a "trilingualist"

You're right of course - it's all a ruse to make English the Common European
Language.  The EU is a big con trick run by a bunch of professional con
artists.  There is no real commitment to Democracy, in linguistic or other
matters.  Sadly.

Kordiale, James Chandler
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Selling weapons since '86 to Iraq, and I wondered about that.  During
the Persian Gulf War, those intelligence reports before it all started:
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"How do you know that?"
"Well ... we looked at the receipt ... but as soon as that cheque
clears, we're goin' in.  What time's the bank open?  Eight?  We're
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- Bill Hicks, at the Oxford Playhouse, 1992

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