--- Philip Newton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Same here (though without ambidexterity -- just
> plain straight,
> right-handed, clean-shaven, and English); my father
> is
> English-by-birth while I am only English-by-descent,
> having lived in
> Germany all my life.
> Ah, what an oppressed and disadvantaged minority we
> are!

My great-greatgrandmother (most recent immigrant) was
from England, though HER father was from Maryland.  So
I'm a straight, right-handed, goateed, English-,
Irish-, Scottish-, Dutch-, French-by-decent, American
Conlanger who has never yet been harrassed for his
conlanging though he practices the hobby openly and

Adam who even has added some Carrajena to his name
badge at work!

Idavi avins patorrechi djinerachunis djul Avramu ad ul Davidu ed avins patorrechi djinerachunis djil deporrachuni in al Baviluņa ad ul Cristu.

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