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> > And I wonder why
> > there seems to be so many particularities concerning
> > only Swedish: maybe because some Swede helped to work
> > the IPA out ? Why should there be more of such special
> > sounds in Swedish than in any other language ?
> Which particularities?  The melodious accent is pretty
> original, but happens in Norwegian too, IINM.  The
> retroflexes happen in a lot of languages all over the
> world.  I don't think any of the vowels are unique
> either.  The fusion of /S/ and /x/ is pretty freaky
> though (what is it in CXS again? /S\/?).

[x\] (You, BTW, should try and be a bit more careful with phones vs phonemes.)

This one is really weird. There seems to be no reason you couldn't indicate it
by connecting esh and 'x' with the IPA tiebar (which'd give us X-SAMPA [S_x]).
Moreover, I'm aware of no language or dialect that constrasts it with both [S]
and [x] (My 'lect has both [S] and [x], but no [x\]).