Howdy folks,

I've been fleshing out a conlang over the past few weeks, and I've got
a whole sentence down :) It's basically an inflecting/agglutinating
language, with case inflecting and prepositions/adjectives
agglutinating. So, the sample sentence I made:

Aemfyndúlú Aerúdae thúnägadan yndanae
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

Aemfyndúlú consists of the preposition aem-, meaning "in" (referring
to time) and fyndúl-, meaning beginning.

Aerúdae = God.

thún is the noun stem of sky or heavens, followed by ä (and) and gadan, earth.

yndanae is "created", third person singular, past tense.

So it has a pretty basic SOV structure, but the case of the nouns is
wierd: the subject is in the dative in an intransitive sentence,
accusative in a transitive sentence(with the direct object in the
dative), and nominative in a ditransitive(?) sentence(direct object,
accusative; indirect object, dative).

So, I would appreciate any C&C any of you might have; I'm pretty new
to this(I've tried in the past, multiple times, and this is as far as
i've gotten).