Syd Bauman wrote:

>>I was looking at the SGML > XML migration reports ...
>Hope you like them.
They look very useful. I did.

>>... and ran into a parsing error in the second and third documents:
>><> and
>I'm wondering what error from what software you ran into. I am quite
>convinced that both of these documents are valid XML. I checked with
>* xmllint (cmdline)
>* nsgmls (cmdline)
>* rxp (web interface[1])
>* xmlparse (cmdline[2])
>and all say they are valid.
>However, I note that if I try to load the page using Mozilla (1.7.2)
>I get an error right away:
>     XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
>     Location:
>     Line Number 25, Column 24:
That's what I got.

>that occurs on the entity reference "&copy;" in the copyleft notice.
>I presume this error occurs because Mozilla is not a full conforming
>validator, and doesn't read the external DTD files. (I have tested,
>and the problem still occurs if a file confesses that it needs the
>external files with standalone="no".)
>[1] If recollection serves I have successfully built the LT XML
>    system on some system somewhere, but it's not on this one. Web
>    interface is currently at
>[2] There is a web interface to xmlparse
>    ( but since I'm on the
>    system where it was developed, it's just easier to use the
>    commandline.
>[3] I didn't try onsgmls, as I can't get it to build properly on this
>    (a Solaris) system -- always gives a segmentation fault.

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