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We are pleased to announce that as of Volume 39 for 2005, Computers and
the Humanities will be changing its name to Language Resources and

Language Resources and Evaluation is the first publication devoted to
the creation, annotation, and exploitation of language resources for
use in language processing applications, corpus linguistics and
linguistic studies generally, as well as evaluation of language
processing methods and results. These areas have seen a dramatic
increase in activity over the past decade, as evidenced by the growing
attendance at the four Language Resources and Evaluation Conferences
(LREC) held since 1998.

Language resources include language data and descriptions in machine
readable form used to assist and augment language processing
applications and linguistic studies, such as written or spoken corpora
and lexica, multimodal resources, grammars, terminology or domain
specific databases and dictionaries, ontologies, multimedia databases,
etc., as well as basic software tools for their acquisition,
preparation, annotation, management, customization, and use. Evaluation
of language resources concerns assessing the state-of-the-art for a
given technology, comparing different approaches to a given problem,
assessing the availability of resources and technologies for a given
application, benchmarking, and assessing system usability and user

Articles are solicited on the following topics:

Design, construction and use of Language Resources (LRs):
      Guidelines, standards, specifications, models, and best
practices for LRs,
      Methods, tools and procedures for the acquisition, creation,
annotation, management, access, distribution and use of LRs
      Methods for the extraction and acquisition of knowledge (e.g.
terms, lexical information, language modeling data) from LRs
      Organizational and legal issues in the construction,
distribution, access and use of LRs
      Availability and use of generic vs. task/domain specific LRs
      Monolingual and multilingual LRs
      Multimedia and multimodal LRs and integration of various media
and modalities (speech, vision, language)
      Documentation and archiving of languages, including minority and
endangered languages,
      Ontologies and knowledge representation
      Tools and methodologies for terminology and ontology building,
term extraction, and creation of specialized dictionaries
      LRs for linguistic research in human-machine communication
      Exploitation of LRs in different types of applications
(information extraction, information retrieval, speech dictation,
translation, summarization, web services, semantic web, etc.),
      Exploitation of LRs in different types of interfaces (dialog
systems, natural language and multimodal/multisensorial interactions,
      Metadata descriptions of LRs
      Open architectures for LRs

Human Language Technologies Evaluation:
      Evaluation, validation, quality assurance of LRs
      Evaluation methodologies, protocols and measures
      Benchmarking of systems, resources for benchmarking and
evaluation, blackbox, glassbox and diagnostic evaluation of systems
      Evaluation in written language processing (document production
and management, text retrieval, terminology extraction, message
understanding, text alignment, machine translation, morphosyntactic
tagging, parsing, semantic tagging, word sense disambiguation, text
understanding, summarization, question answering, etc.)
      Evaluation in spoken language processing (speech recognition and
understanding, voice dictation, oral dialog, speech synthesis, speech
coding, speaker and language recognition, spoken translation, etc.)
      Evaluation of multimedia document retrieval and search systems
(including detection, indexing, filtering, alert, question answering,
      Evaluation of multimodal systems
      Moving from evaluation to standardization

Language Resources and Evaluation is the official journal of the
European Language Resources Association (ELRA), sponsor of the
bi-annual LREC conference. The first number of LRE in 2005 will be a
special issue dedicated to the memory of Antonio Zampolli.

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