Dear TEIers:

I am currently translating into Spanish the remaining markup mnemonics
(element and attribute names, and attribute values) and also all the brief
documentation descriptions associated to them.

When I got to "q", "quote" and "quotation", I've realized it was not easy
to come up with so many differentiated translations in Spanish, since
"cita" (the Spanish equivalent) has only four letters. You can imagine the
result: "c", "cit", "cita", very much alike, and these are supposed to be
mnemonics (i.e. reminders), with all the functionality that this conveys.

What's worse, I found that the difference between "q" and "quote" is very
subtle. This is not only difficult to translate, but may be difficult to
apply while encoding, I thought.

It is clear that "quotation" is something apart (metadata stuff):
"specifies editorial practice adopted with respect to quotation marks in
the original".

But the difference between the other two is so subtle that I wouldn't know
how to choose among them in many cases.

q: "contains a quotation or apparent quotation — a representation of
speech or thought marked as being quoted from someone else (whether in
fact quoted or not); in narrative, the words are usually those of a
character or speaker; in dictionaries, q may be used to mark
real or contrived examples of usage."

quote: "contains a phrase or passage attributed by the narrator or
author to some agency external to the text."

Is there really a need for these two to coexist?

(IMHO) Shouldn't we suppress one of them (say "quote") in P5, for the sake
of brevity, simplicity of use and consistency of markup?

Shouldn't we also rename "quotation" to something like "quotPractice", for


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