Steven Williams ha tera a:

> Anyone have an unconventional pronoun system to share,
> or criticism of my own system?

Well, one of the languages I dream about but never actually work out
the details of has a pretty odd pronoun system.

It's spoken by one man in a mental institution, and was probably
invented by him, which explains a good deal of its oddness (which
extends to far more than just its pronoun system).

It has no second-person pronouns - no second-person forms at all,
whether pronouns, or inflections, or anything else.  The man generally
doesn't address others, but just speaks to himself

It has third person pronouns, which have some sort of gender system,
but it's based on uncharacteristic properties - something like size, or
motion, or something like that, not masculine/feminine or

It has no 1st-person plural pronoun.  It seems to have a 1st-person
singular pronoun, but there are some factors that suggest that it may
not actually be a first person pronoun, but may instead be a specific
gender of 3rd-person pronoun that the single speaker only uses in
referring to himself.  I forget what exactly were the properties that
pointed toward it being 1st person or 3rd person :(


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