I was on vacation this past week and was visited by the goddess of conlangs,
who was especially benevolent to me, giving me Minhyan.  I'd think about the
language at odd times during the day, and work on it an hour or two a night.

Here's the home page for the language:

(It's not connected to the rest of my site yet, as I am still working on a
few sample translations and need to double-check everything.)

The phonology is inspired by Sindarin, the orthography by Welsh and the
lexicography by Esperanto.  I have no idea where the grammar came from:
verbs are conjugated for aspect and mood;  nouns are declined for case and
definiteness (pronouns preserve an earlier declension based on case and number).

The key inspiration from the goddess was the system of infixing, which
produced more naturalistic compounds than my languages usually have:

orean [< *orian.] n. Eagle.
oreagin [< orean, "eagle" & -gi-, "place".] n. Eyrie.
orealen [< orean, "eagle" & -le-, "offspring".] n. Eaglet.

I wasn't planning on referring to Old Minhyan and Proto-Minhyan, but that
was another gift that came to me as I documented the language.

Please take a few moments to review the site and offer me constructive
criticism.  Thanks in advance!

Oh, and have we ever decided which of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and
Zeus is the Muse of Conlangs?  Because I need to know an appropriate
offering to make to her!

Best regards,