Carsten Becker <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>On Saturday 28 August 2004 01:10, joshua tanaka wrote:

 > >alyo, yeirg-in os zhash-yep
 > >greetings, name-(my) is josh-(stop)
 > >hello my name is josh.

>And damn, get rid of that 'stop'! You needn't translate
>sentence marks. When your punctuation differs from English
>(or other natlangs using the Latin alphabet) you can

Actually, since his language uses this stop-morpheme with
allophones /yep/ and /b/, he does need to include "stop"
in the gloss.  But it would be better to use dashes rather
than parentheses (as in the Leipzig rules) to show
clear morpheme boundaries, and gloss it as "STOP" rather
than "stop" to show it is a grammatical function clitic.
Something like this:

alyo,     yeirg-in  os  zhash-yep
greetings name-1SG  be  Josh-STOP

- Jim Henry