Philippe Caquant said:

> > In fact, we're cursing every day the inventor
> > of 'vi' (Unix) and hundreds of other
> > tools of the same sort.

Actually, I rather like those Unix tools.  vi is the only thing so far
that has given me half a chance of editing the Unicode-characters-within-
a-regular-text-file format that Toolbox seems to want.  I'd rather have
a hex editor though... may have to see what's available in FreeBSD's
ports section...

On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 02:45:19PM -0500, Mark P. Line wrote:

> vi?!? *snicker*
> Real hackers use 'cat'.

Ok, I can see where this thread is going *sigh*.  Let me try to turn
this around a bit.  I'd rather use MySQL to Toolbox any day, but I
really like that auto-interlinearization thing, if I could just get
it to work.

Short of me learning Python and reading Kura source, does anybody know
where I can find an algorithm to parse text into known morphemes?  How
do Toolbox and its ilk do it?