Elliott Lash wrote:

> I just did a word count of my "etymology" file for
>Silindion. This file gives all the current root words
>with all of their current derivatives. As well as
>grammar notes, since there is no formal Silindion
>grammar. It's basically my main reference on the
> The word count is: 1727
> First word: -(a)n "us" (enclitic)
> Last  word: yurmo "rowan-tree"

Is that just roots or is that the total with derivatives?

>How many words do other people's languages have?

You should look on -- there's a page where the languages are
organised by lexicon size.

Your Silindion is on there, actually, but it looks like someone else
submitted it and the lexicon is listed as 0.

My Rhean lexicon (Excel spreadsheet) has 3205 entries, but those aren't all
roots (I wish there were that many roots!) and I haven't been consistent
with what derivations get their own entry. And thirty-one of the entries are
the letter names.

First word: aadi - "normal, ordinary, usual" - aj
Last word: z'war - "tide" - n

Verb total: 695
First verb: abak - "stay, remain"
Last verb: zvingek - "throw"