Adrian Morgan (aka Flesh-eating Dragon) <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>(1) Please indicate which aspect ratio(s) you favour:
>    (a) 2:3
>    (b) 25:43
>    (c) 5:9
>    (d) other
(d) I think a 3:5 ratio would be nice, it's close to 25:43, just a nicer
number.  BTW, it's also close to the aesthetically pleasing golden ratio

>(2) Do you favour the idea of the hill?
Yes! I think that the hill idea reduces the black part of the screen in an
elegant way and imparts further meaning(?) to the idea of the horizon and
the sunset.
>(3) Do you favour the idea of darkening the sky and adding a line of
>    gold at the horizon?

No, i think the plain one is better, because you cant capture the idea of a
glow without a colour gradation.


PS: When do you guys plan to start voting for *The* flag?