Ijzeren_Jan wrote:

>#4: the star with a simplified Babel tower. Why hasn't anybody
>thought of that?

This is my favorite of all the flag proposals so far.  In addition to Jan's
interpretation, here's mine:

The building of Babel represents the striving for divinity through acts of
creativity, which in this story resulted in the first splintering of human
language.  The star compass can both represent the goal of heaven and the
fact that, after Babel, humans were spread to the four corners of the world.

Ray Brown wrote:

>Well, I've now given you all six variants in correct Latin, so which shall
we >go for?
>My preference is: "Me accusativum praefixo indicaturum"

That's my preference as well.

Hats off to Pete for suggesting a testament to the Unknown Conlanger and
hats off to BPJ for sharing the original passage.

Best regards,