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>--- bob thornton <[log in to unmask]>schrieb:
>> tl (t`-d`)

>May I assume that this is an affricate with [t] and
>[K]? Sort of like the Welsh /ll/, but combined with
>[t]? I, for one, love that sound; I've used it many
>times in my languages.

>Or, am I wrong? I don't really know what the [']
>stands for; I use it myself to indicate the
>glottalized consonants in my language, Gi-an-nain.

In XSAMPA ` means retroflex.

>> p' (p\-B)
>> f (f-v)

>A distinction between bilabial and labiodental
>fricatives? Madness!

>> x (x -G)
>> x, (X-R)
>> h, (X\ -?\)
>> h (h-h\)

>Even more madness! Do you just _not_ get sore throats?

Speaking it may be painful, but it is worth it!

>> l, (K-K\)

>Again, excellent choice. Beautiful, those lateral

I loves me some lateral fricatives!

>> v~ (P)

>What sound does [P] represent?

Er... a labiodental approximant.

>> d (|\)
>> dl (!\)
>> dq (=\)
>> g (velar click, no IPA symbol)

>Beautiful. Phonetically, I can't call clicks
>'beautiful', but they're weird sounds, and to me, the
>weird has a beauty of it's own.

Which is why I threw them in there! I've always wanted to do a lang with clicks in, as most people don't appreciate them.

>> o, (O)
>> a, (Q)

>You are a brave man.

What did I do this time?

>> e,i, (Ey)

>I love this diphthong. I would never have thought of
>it on my own.


>> Well, I'm
>> working on a minor grammer, (or is it grammar, I can
>> never remember.) but nothing serious. It's a
>> playlang for when I'm bored during school. (Alas, I
>> am bound by those shackles of study and teacher, oh
>> woe is me!)
>> -The Sock. (Drama kid, cantcha tell?)

>It's spelled 'grammar'. And many languages here were
>created during boring classes, so you're in good
>company. I, for one, like your phonology; when you get
>your grammar together, don't be greedy. Share it with

What little grammar I have is based on the isolating-ness of the lang. And the "gender" system. Its a seven gender system, one gender for each nasal. The genders are more elemental than based on sex. They are fire > n~  water > nl  air > m  earth > n,  spirit > n  mind > n,~  soul > m,


-The Sock

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