Jan van Steenbergen wrote:

> But well, I won't let go of this subject without having submitted a
> few proposals myself. There are six of them. What they all have in
> common are the colours and the star.

In the next update, I'll at least add the version with the Tower. The
others I will add if they are seconded by anyone. You seem to be
pretty much alone in believing that it's appropriate to have words on
a flag, and the problem with the plain star is that it's equally
applicable to *any* endeavour involving brilliant creativity, as it
has no language-specific content.

B. Garcia wrote:

> I'm beginning to think that there won't be a group consensus on any of
> the designs. Some think some of the flags are too "cartoonish", some
> hate the colors, some don't like the symbolism, and others think the
> flags look too "national". I'm pretty sure that some will refuse to
> accept that as the "conlang flag" (and no, i am *not* saying this out
> of spite or bitterness, it's just from what i've been observing)

I believe that the voting method suggested by Paul is appropriate, and
if used, will result in a flag that we can agree on. For my part, I
promise that if that method is used, then I *will* accept the result. I
just hope we can agree on the fine details of how to conduct the vote.
When should voting begin? (not before at least a couple of days have
passed with no new suggestions) How many days should voting continue? (I
suggest a week) Who will count the vote, and declare it open and closed?