Leland Paul wrote:

> Against a purple sky, signifying creativity, an orange sun rises,
> orange signifying energy, imagination, and communication. It sheds its
> light over a dark, not-yet-seen world. Silhouetted against the sun is
> the Tower of Babel, proclaiming the noble nature of the linguistic
> diversity.

Energy I can understand, but can you please explain how the orange sun
signifies communication? Imagination and creativity are the same thing
in my view.

I suggest that you lighten the orange so that it will pass for yellow:
an RGB value of (255, 208, 0) would be appropriate. I'd also suggest a
lighter shade of purple: allow me to suggest (144, 0, 208) as an RGB

Anyway, I have added a link to your suggestion.

I've also created a .png version of Takatunu's suggestion and uploaded
a colour variation of my own.