Peter Bleackley wrote:

> My personal taste is for the deepest possible purpure (as I said in a
> previous message, we should really be using the heraldic colour terms
> here). Row 1 column 5.

I don't really agree - I find it too dark. Perhaps your monitor is set
up differently? Anyway, in the interests of democracy your preference
is now on display.

[btw, the table of purples works like this: row 1 column 1 is 100% red
100% blue; for every step to the right, subtract 12.5% of both red and
blue; for every step down, subtract an additional 6.25% red.]

Christophe Grandsire wrote, quoting David Peterson:

> >flag at all.  Was there a symbolic reason for purple?  Is it a left-handed,
> >bearded color?
> For me, yes ;) . Purple is the "magical" colour by excellence (OK, it
> should be octarine, but then only the eighth son of an eighth son would be
> able to see that part of the flag ;))) . Purple is a good replacement ;) ).
> If not accepted, I'll settle for indigo ;) .

By all means come and see my bathroom sometime :-) I had it renovated
several months back in purple, white and blue. Looks great. Dad said
it reminded him of the Scottish highlands with all the purple heather.