Roger Mills wrote:

> Right. The gold lines seem to be necessary to show the ziggurat shape;
> otherwise it looks like an early Egyptian step-pyramid-- a not dissimilar
> structure, of course, but the wrong story and associations.

I'm still extremely wary of such thin lines. What do the designs with
lines look like when you scale them down to an eighth or a sixteenth of
their original size? I have with me a copy of The Times Atlas of the
World (compact edition) in which every national flag and quite a few
flags of territories are presented about eight millimetres wide and
four millimetres high, and still the distinguishing features are quite
distinct. From the POV of what flags are for (to be viewed from a
distance) I think the lines are quite inappropriate.

Out of the line-less designs, I favour Jeffrey's silhouette because
of its irregularity, which is actually a nice touch, IMO. I also
find favour with the bluer shades of purple (particularly the shade I
suggested), which have a refreshing feel about them, but not in
conjunction with deeper tones for the sun that Leland prefers.

 Leland Paul wrote:

> I've taken Jeffrey's ziggurat-shaped version and translated it into
> these two color schemes... I realize that the difference from his
> version to the first is very very slight, but it was slightly off:

Yes, it is very slight. And I think it would be silly to put both
Jeffrey's <solarbabelflag1.png> and your <solartower_mauve.png> to the
vote, because they are *too* similar. There's no sense in placing too
much of a burden on people when it comes time for them to order their
preferences. So if Jeffrey finds your shade of purple no less
favourable than his own, then I think it best to remove his version
(we went through a process of finding compromise shades with some of
the earlier designs - I'd be pleased if the same could be done here).

I haven't added your <solartower_violet.png> because IMO the orange
sun is too much of a stretch from heraldic yellow, and I don't think
there's a good excuse for deviating from the heraldic rules in this

Currently, my first preference would go to my colour variation on
Takatunu's pearl of tongue (a succinct and elegant design), my second
preference to David's design with hill, and my third to David's design
without hill. I won't reveal the remainder of my preferences as they
stand, but the Tower of Babel designs are somewhere in the middle.