David Peterson wrote (privately):

<<Any idea why the links worked for some but not others?? Did it have to do
with the fact that I used .jpg?>>

I have a couple of ideas.   (1) I have a Tripod account (that's where my
originally hosted, and my webspace hasn't been deleted by them yet), so that
could be why I could see the links you posted (I have no idea *why* that
be, though.   (2) Since I can't view the links posted on Adrian's page now,
it could
be that Tripod doesn't allow anyone to link to images.   I had this same
as I now recall, with the Yer Ugly Mug site.   I simply linked to a picture
of me on
my (at that time) Tripod site, and I saw the same logo that everyone else is
(i.e., this image is hosted by Tripod).

That sounds likely.  Consequently, I've created a little html page with the
images embedded (they're still jpg's, so may load slowly)--  --if anyone is interested.

At the same time, we've converted the originals to .png's, which seems to be
the preferred format, and will forward them to Adrian.