General comments:

The sun with rays is not what I would have done...really had in mind
something much more a la Uruguay.  I'll try to do some versions; but I have
no scanner.

Upon 2nd look, I now prefer David P's first design-- lighter blue "sky",
yellower sun.

The black is indeed difficult; very severe.

Shanthanu's flag is very good, though I'm in agreement with David that the
hieroglyph and Chinese character detract.  While they're indeed appropriate,
they mess up the symmetry.  BTW, IIRC the Chinese char. is supposed to
represent "words" emerging from a mouth...(maybe?)

Christian's designs are good.

Adrian:  could you include the URL in your posts?  When this thread first
came up, I almost deleted it; I keep forgetting to bookmark it, and now,
when I just tried to go there, I got a 404. (Perhaps you're working on it as
we speak....?) Thanks.