Christian Thalmann wrote:

> I do like the rayed sun better than the others, but that might
> also be due to the less garish color scheme.  The black cutoff
> is still too cruel IMHO.

I've created a minor variation on David's design in an attempt to
reduce this problem for you. Please advise: have I been successful?

Paul Bennett wrote:

> Well, for my money, in an election with multiple candidates, Condorcet
> voting is the way to go. Each voter ranks each candidate in order from
> best to worst, and there is a simple algorithm to determine the winner.

As you almost certainly know, that is the way all political elections
are conducted here in Australia (although the term 'condorcet' is new
to me: the usual terminology is 'preferential voting'. You may or may
not know that we have a national election coming up next month, when
I'll have to decide whether I prefer the Unethical Party or the
Incompetant Party (I think it has to be the former: sometimes if you
want a better world you have to bide your time.)

The main problem with it is that it doesn't allow you to say that you
like some of the options exactly as much as some others.

Roger Mills wrote:

> Adrian:  could you include the URL in your posts?


(Yes, it is indeed almost 1:30 in the morning, but when I get started
on something I don't like to stop...)