Jan wrote:


#1 is basically a variation of the Tocharian flag in IB. But I had
already made up this flag before I assigned it any meaning, and I
think it might work in our context.>>

Nice-looking, but it reminds me a lot of Christian flags I see at
Christmas time.   Not ideal.


Obviously the same issue arises with these, but I also *really*
don't like the idea of words on a flag.   That's just me, though.
(Or wait: Does that Egyptian glyph count as a word...?   Technically
it'd need a determiner.)


Looks nice, but again, that star looks exactly like a flag that I think
even my parents have.   It's that exact same star, supposed to
represent the star that guided the three wise men, except it's on
dark blue.   In fact, the tower of Babel here could almost look like a

Again, I like the look of the flags, but I think the similarity to
Christian symbolism is too striking.