>>>Ukr. (y) is difficult to describe. The best approximation is [I], but
>>>> > indeed it stands for Ru. [i\] everywhere.
>>> Perchance it is [I\]?
> My first thought was Bingo! but then I looked at the chart and disagreed. It
> seems more front. Draw a line from [E] to [i\] and divide it into three
> parts. The first point will give you an unstressed variant for both /E/ and
> the vowel in question, and the second one - a stressed variant of the
> latter, while stressed /E/ is clearly [E] (more open in the West). So I
> think /I/ is a safe approximation.

That would also agree with how Ukrainians transcribe English, but then
OTOH I guess Russians use their _y_ for English /I/ too.


/BP 8^)
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