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> >What sound does [P] represent?
> Er... a labiodental approximant.


> >> o, (O)
> >> a, (Q)
> >You are a brave man.
> What did I do this time?

For the longest time, I couldn't even tell those two
vowels apart. My native dialect of English doesn't
distinguish between open [O] and back rounded [Q].

> >> e,i, (Ey)
> >I love this diphthong. I would never have thought
> of
> >it on my own.
> Dankeschone!

Actually, "danke schön" (yeah, I'm kind of anal). To
which I say, "bitte schön".

> What little grammar I have is based on the
> isolating-ness of the lang. And the "gender" system.
> Its a seven gender system, one gender for each
> nasal. The genders are more elemental than based on
> sex. They are fire > n~  water > nl  air > m  earth
> > n,  spirit > n  mind > n,~  soul > m,

Awesome. Very creative; I couldn't think of a
reasonable gender system for Gi-an-nain, so I scrapped
it entirely. You're starting out just great; how long
have you been conlanging?


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