--- Adrian Morgan skrzypszy:

> In the next update, I'll at least add the version with the Tower.
> The others I will add if they are seconded by anyone. You seem to
> be pretty much alone in believing that it's appropriate to have
> words on a flag, and the problem with the plain star is that it's
> equally applicable to *any* endeavour involving brilliant
> creativity, as it has no language-specific content.

You did the right thing; I withdraw my first three proposals and will
stick to the Babel Tower. Remember that this flag is only a rough
draft, because I lack both the skills and the tools to come up with
anything better.

Given the opposition to the star, I would like to add an alternative
possibility too: <> . It
sort of a compromise: Christian's basic layout and colour scheme,
David's hieroglyph, and my own Babel tower. It is a very rough
drawing, done in ten minutes with minimal tools.

 --- Jeffrey Henning skrzypszy:

> Again, for me the source of the story in religion is no more
> important than the fact that Christian Thalmann's first name
> derives from Christianity or that Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
> Friday derive their names from Norse gods.  An interesting history
> but not something that has to exclude atheists, agnostics,
> pantheists, etc.

Yes, I entirely agree. Myself, I'm no more religious than my shoes,
but let's face it: religious is an excellent provider of symbols, and
our society is soaked with them anyway.

 --- Barry Garcia skrzypszy:

> I'm beginning to think that there won't be a group consensus on any
> of the designs. Some think some of the flags are too "cartoonish",
> some hate the colors, some don't like the symbolism, and others
> think the flags look too "national". I'm pretty sure that some will

> refuse to accept that as the "conlang flag" (and no, i am *not*
> saying this out of spite or bitterness, it's just from what i've
> been observing)

I'll follow anything the majority decides for. And don't
misunderstand me: I like *all* the flags that have been proposed thus
far. Yours too! If you'd have proposed it as some IB flag, I'd be the
first to stand cheering and applauding; but for a conlang flag, my
opinion is indeed that it looks too national.

 --- Roger Mills skrzypszy:

> Here are some designs that my friend Matt B. and I came up with:

> [...] [...]

I particularly like #2, although it is a bit dark. I would suggest
one half purple and the other half bordeaux red instead.

 --- Leland Paul skrzypszy:

> OK, despite the fact that I'm primarily a lurker on this list, I
> figure I may as well submit my idea.

I quite like this flag! I would, however, strongly consider
substituting the red colour with gold or yellow to make it less dark.


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