<<Jeffrey Henning said:
Leland Paul said he wasn't an artist and that an artist should draw it.  I'm
not an artist either, but I would like something based on Jan's original
Babel tower integrated into Leland's flag:>>

Oooh... I like this design... It's very striking, but still much more
elegant looking than my block tower.

<<Christian Thalmann said

A warmer, richer mauve for the background, and an
equally warmer rose gold for the sun.

Keeping the purple blue-heavy and striking a
middle ground between Leland's original red and
the necessary brightness.>>

I like both of these quite well... I, personally, prefer the violet
version, but would happily go with either.

I've taken Jeffrey's ziggurat-shaped version and translated it into
these two color schemes... I realize that the difference from his
version to the first is very very slight, but it was slightly off:

As I've said, I prefer the second of the two, but I'd happily go along
with either.

(On a complete aside, have any of the other gmail users here noticed
that it's finally decided to get the reply-to address right? It's
decided to assume that it should reply to the list and not to the last
poster in the thread... Although it's still not offering to let me
"Invite Constructed Languages List to Gmail"... That still points to
the last poster, in this case takatunu...)

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004 06:33:44 +0200, takatunu <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> When vote time comes I will vote for one with a tower with lines because
> they make the flag look less like the Cambodian flag with Angkor silhouette.
> >>>
> > Technically it shouldn't have the gold lines, but it looked goofy when I
> > removed them:
> >
> Right. The gold lines seem to be necessary to show the ziggurat shape;
> otherwise it looks like an early Egyptian step-pyramid-- a not dissimilar
> structure, of course, but the wrong story and associations.
> <<<