--- Jeffrey Henning skrzypszy:

> >I'm not entirely happy with the given color schemes, though,
> >so I've whipped up some of my own.  The changes are admittedly
> >small.
> >
> >
> I do like this color scheme better.

Me too.

> Leland Paul said he wasn't an artist and that an artist should draw
> it.  I'm not an artist either, but I would like something based on
> Jan's original Babel tower integrated into Leland's flag:

I like this one véry much! And honestly, it looks better wíth the
gold lines than without them.

About my own proposal:

Forget my flag #5 (the one with glyph, ball and tower). Everybody
(myself included) seemed to agree that this design would look better
if the glyph was placed inside the sun instead of on top of it. So
here it is: <>.
Adrian, would you be so kind to add this one to your page (and
perhaps change the format to .png - for some reason I can't do that


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