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> Ray Brown <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> >> It's on the same place of articulation as G... (XSAMPA g )
> >
> >Right - I think the fact you say it's in the same place as [g] and not as
> >[k] is significant. Both sounds are velar plosives made by egress of the
> >pulmonic airstream. The difference is that [g] is voiced.
> The same place. Not the same vibration. I was just trying to illustrate
> where the bits in my mouth were. But yes, I think it is an ingressive
> sound.

Yep - that makes sense.

> >So I guess that we have a voiced sound made by an ingressive airstream,
> as
> >clicks are, where there is closure of the back of tongue against the
> velum.
> >That surely has to be as Garth wrote on Monday, September 6:
> >
> >> Probably an implosive (glottalic ingressive).
> >
> >(Probably - because neither Garth not I can hear you. But I guess that's
> >what it is)
> Makes sense. Maybe I should get some recording tech. But that costs money,
>  and money is better saved than spent. I think going to college is a
> leeetle bit more important.

I agree - going to college is a good deal more important IMO

> >Implosives (i.e. glottalic ingressive stops) are fairly widespread in
> >African languages. IPA gives symbols for bilabial, dental/alveolar,
> >palatal, velar and uvular implosives.
> Are these the ones with the curliques on top of the ascenders?

Yep - those are the little critters.

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