Jag skall just ställa en ömtålig fråga om svenska. Vilken, som har
fina känslor, bör troligen utplåna det här meddelandet.

I'm about to pose a question about Swedish which some may find
untoward. Those with more delicate sensibilities may want to hit the
ol' dev/null.

Okay, so I stumbled on "skita" in the dictionary a few weeks back.
Now *every* book and dictionary I have on Swedish says something to
the effect of, "Now *Swedes* don't pronounce it this way (say, a word
like "station") /staSon/ (the "o" here is supposed to be the omegoid
thingy), but *you* should 'cause /staxon/ is too hard for foreigners
to pronounce." What's the biggy, I say to myself? It's just a /x/,
isn't it? That's how I do it, but then, I don't have native speakers
to inflict my Swedish on. But I digress. Are there Swedes out there
who pronounce this /xita/? Is it in free variation with /Sita/?
Normally I'd expect both, but I thought maybe here, because the
latter sounds akin to the English, it might pack a more expletive
punch. Not that *I* ever speak that way, of course, but I'm just
curious. Perhaps I'm over-thinking this. Perhaps it's good I'm back
to my day job.

Ah, det skiter jag i! :)