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>Carsten Becker wrote:
>> Hey!
>> Where we're on the topic of filling words and such, what
>> would German "ja" (yes) and "doch" (no English equivalent!)
>I can translate 'doch', but it's an entirely tonally based nuance(rising
>then falling).  They're both 'yes', roughly(the former, I think, to a
>positive question/statement, the latter to a negative) .  A similar
>division occurs in French between 'oui' and 'si'.

Sure, this is how _ja, doch_ are translated in they're use as answers to a
yes-no question. But the use as 'Abtönungspartikel' is a very different one:
They're syntactically included in the sentence and can't have a stress.

I wonder whether there are German conlangers who included such a class of
words in their creations?

j. 'mach' wust