En réponse à Chris Bates :

>  The same situation is
>common in other societies which strictly segregate women... historically
>(not, I think, now, but perhaps I'm wrong) the arabic cultures, who also
>practice the segregation of women, were quite accepting of homosexual

In the Maghreb (Marocco and Tunisia mainly), although namely disallowed, 
officially and by the religion, male homosexual relationships are still 
commonly accepted, as long as the men involved are not married (and it's 
even expected from a boy in puberty to have homosexual relationships with 
friends).  The older the men, the more bizarre it's found, but it's not 
considered as something that should be forbidden. It is not everywhere in 
those countries as accepted as I picture it, but in many places 
(interestingly enough mostly in the countryside) it's pretty normal. I got 
that information from straight Maroccans, so I guess it's rather 
trustworthy ;) .

Notice also that it's common knowledge that the current king of Marocco is 
homosexual, but as long as he rules the country correctly and does get a 
descendance with his wife (whom he married just before becoming king - I 
think it was a matter of days between the wedding and his ascendance to the 
throne ;) -, for the only purpose of making a descendance), it's not a problem.

Of course, the islam is very strict about such relationships, and how they 
should be punished. So it's not a good idea to make those relationships 
public (imagine, the local imam could hear about them ;) ). But when people 
learn about them, they are neither shocked nor surprised.

>The whole area is very interesting... myself, I've always been
>accepting of pretty much anyone as long as they don't hurt other
>people... the one rule I guess I live by is "do no harm".

Except in S&M relationships ;) . My personal motto is rather: "as long as 
everybody involved is in agreement". And no, I don't consider remaining 
family members, neighbours are society to have a right to be involved in 
what two or more people do together :) .

>  Not that
>that's possible... I mean, getting a promotion means you deny the job to
>someone else, so I guess my sense of what's unfair is conditioned by
>society to an extent, but I certainly have no problem with people who
>live alternative lifestyles. :) I've slept with women (so I guess I'm
>not gay lol) before... but while I prefer women, I did have a brief
>fling with a guy a few months ago and it was fun, so I guess it'd be
>kindof hard for me to condemn gay people lol.

I've never slept with a woman. Does that allow me to condemn straight 
people? ;))))

Christophe Grandsire.

You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.