Adrian wrote:

<<I believe that selection should take place in multiple phases. Right
now, I only wish to comment on phase #1.

I suggest that a person voting may associate each flag with a score of
A, B, C or D where:
    A = Advocated without reservation.
    B = Acceptable compromise.
    C = Has potential, but would like to see details changed.
    D = Not supported.
From the results, up to three finalists can be selected, namely:
    1 - The design with the most "A" votes.
    2 - The design with the most "A" and "B" votes (total).
    3 - The design with the most "A", "B" and "C" votes.
(Of course, some of these may be the same flag.)>>

I'm not familiar with a system like this.   How does it end up
working out?   It seems to me that you could end up with a
situation where there is one flag that has the most A votes
*and* the most A and B votes, *and* the most A, B and C
votes.   A process I'm familiar with is where, say, you select
a first, second and third place choice, and each of these has
a point value assigned to it (the points go in inverse of rank:
first = 3; second = 2; third = 1).   You then simply select the
top three point-getters.

Or, is the point that *if* one flag does what I mentioned
above then a second round isn't necessary...?

Anyway, before we even get there, though, it's my opinion
that there should be one version of each type of flag, but not
necessarily one by each submitter.   So, for Example, you (Adrian)
have two *different* types of flags up, but only one version of
each (by the way, I like the final version of your non-minimalist
flag).   That's good.   I, however, have four variations on one theme.
Before it goes to a vote, I think there should only be one.   You can
probably delete the first one, since that was a first attempt and all
three are better.   I know you don't like the sun with the rays (I'm
not that wild about the idea, either, which is why I didn't attempt
rays in the first place), but it'd be nice if some sort of consensus
could be reached about which one should be the one (without voting;
that shouldn't be necessary).


Regarding the latest update, I like Shanthanu's flag, but I don't like
the language symbols (the tongue and the Chinese character).   It's
nice that there's a rationale, and it's a good one, but as a flag I think it
would look better without them.   [Note: I don't think a new flag needs
to be uploaded; my imaginative enough to know what it'd look like
without the symbols.]

"sunly eleSkarez ygralleryf ydZZixelje je ox2mejze."
"No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."

-Jim Morrison