An island-by-island summary that I researched at around dawn (EDT) this
morning, posted to rec.scuba:

Add to this report:  Grand Cayman- Apartment(s) at Ocean Club "gone", all of
Mariners Cove is gone.  Ex-pats won't be allowed back for some time.

Curernt Cayman Net News article:

Which states: "...while there had been no official death toll, "residents
were calling the radio stations to report about deaths."

From other sources, the AP is reporting two (similarly unconfirmed) deaths.

There was also a very questionable unconfirmed overnight claim that
"...someone counted 14 bodies floating around in the flood water around
Bodden Town..."   Being that this claim came in during the night, let us
hope that this is a bad/false report.  I did hear a report that claimed that
a group of people people who had lost their shelter were trying to ride out
the storm on a firetruck, so this could merely be a confused report.

The winds reportedly 'finally' died down on Grand Cayman at around 9:30 this
morning ... call it 8:30AM Cayman Time.

A Cayman Airways flight is reportedly expected to the Brac at 2pm
today...don't know what its point of origin is, but I assume from Miami - -
it certainly isn't going to be from Grand Cayman

Seas are still reportedly rough ... current rumor on Owen Roberts Airport is
"4-5 foot waves on the airport runway."