Sunday, 7:45am  (9/12/04)

Ivan's predicted path is now directly over Grand Cayman.   Maybe a bit further west than they were
expecting, but the wind directions based on a (remaining?) operational weather station at Grand
Cayman's south sound infer that the eye will probably make landfall.

or  (same data, different presentation).

As of 6:40am Cayman Time (7:40am EDT), winds are 51mph from the ENE; max recorded gust to
date is 81mph.  Barometer has dropped from 985mb to 979.2 mb within the past ~90 minutes,
and is continuing to fall rapidly (it was at 979.9mb 20 minutes ago).  Rain gage says that there's
been heavy rains ... I've seen rates of 16 and 32 inches/hour.

Little Cayman & Cayman Brac had been forcast for ~75mph and ~50mph winds respectively.