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> Earthquake Offshore Grand Cayman
> 09/09/2004
> "...a 6.1 magnitude earthquake occured 110 miles south of Grand Cayman this
> morning.  The hypocentral depth, or how far under the sea the earthquake
> occurred, was estimated to be 19 miles....No reports of tremors were
> received by Radio Cayman's news today."
> Meantime, Ivan's going to give us a chance to reuse Bill Roger's East End
> webcams...
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He has moved his cams out and notes that there will be no pics until he
can bring his comps back to his house.

I am out of power - I had no power for 45 hours after losing it 6 PM
Saturday for Francis. They restored it. I had power for a day and a half
and then lost it and have had no power since. The outage affects seven
customers - they said that they would  prioritize from largest to
smallest, and seven customers is a small outage so we are on the tail
end, despite the fact that this is a repair and not a restoration. I
started my generator and after a couple days, I decided to bring up a
server to at least get my mail. I got a generator problem instead (it
sped up to 85 hertz - it has what looks to be a hydraulic oil bath
governor). I am trying with less stuff, and SAE 30 oil, and it is
working better.  I am burning half a quart of oil a day, and it is a
real pain - I have to change oil once a day at best. I thought I could
try SAE 40 to slow the oil burning, but it seemed to mess up the

One thing I did was to point a box fan at the generator - it has a dinky
little fan, but it was not enough to keep things cool. The box fan keeps
the generator a lot cooler. It also blows the exhaust off of the back
porch, keeping everything a lot less smellier.

One thing I will never again do is to run a generator without a CO
detector.  Forget it. We let it run all night and woke up with headaches
and nausea - now we have a box fan in the window pulling air from a
clean side of the house into the bedroom, and a CO detector in there.
CO detectors that will read in PPM and use a battery for backup are
under $40.

I decided, unlike some of my neighbors, not to wire my generator to my
fuse box. So I have piles of extension cords running every which way
across the floor.  We had just picked up the cords when we had to string
them out again.