> >   And Rodlox used notation |jy|. If we take it serious, this sound
> > is somehow a modified |j|. If |j| is to be read as [j] than it is a
> > modified _approximant / fricative_.  Approximants (fricatives)
> > change more likely into an affricate than into a plosive.  But |ii|
> > = [ai] seems to be an English-based solution.  In this case |j| can
> > be treated as [dZ] and |jy| is still a modified affricate.
>While I do not see any reason to take the notation 'jy' serious in this
>I'll have it noted that X-SAMPA thinks that [J\] is a modified 'j'. The IPA
>symbol also seems to be based on 'j'.

  minor clarification on my part --  when I made METES...I searched
X-Sampa...and the *closest* that I found to the AE sound    was J\

apologies for any confusion resulting from my statement.

> > > Since you appear to be familiar with EEan languages, do you know any
> > > that uses the digraphs 'sy' and 'zy'?
> >   Originally I did not mean that the notations |sy| and |zy| would
> > be Eastern Europish, just the concept they convey.
>Rodlox, however, said it was like in EEan languages when describing the
>orthograpy, which certainly _suggests_ he believes some or other EEan
>uses them in the same way.

well...I thought I had seen an Eastern European name written like
that...somewhere.  my apology.

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