On Sep 15, 2004, at 22:46, Caleb Hines wrote:

[snip interesting lisp description]

> So my question is twofold. First of all, does anyone know how common
> lisping
> is in adults? I coudn't find much at all about adult lisping on
> Google. And
> secondly, how on earth do you pronounce /s/ and /z/ _correctly_???!!
> Even
> though most people understand me well enough, it would be nice to be
> capable
> of making a "true" /s/, even if only in a pinch.
> Can thomebody pleadhe help me?

I don't know about how common lisping is in adults. I do know that my 4
year old lisps
quite a bit (my 7 year old never did, but he was/is not a normal

Anyway, I pronounce /s/ with the tongue pretty much is the same place
as /t/. The
difference is that /t/ is a stop and /s/ is a fricative. The same goes
for /z/.
My tongue is at the point where the upper teeth and gums meet.

James W.