David Peterson wrote, quoting myself:

> > I've added a new flag
> I don't like the heads that much, but I really like the design. The
> green is kind of jarring.   I have no suggestions on what color
> might look better, though.

As you can see, the heads are in Celtic style, which goes with the
knot. As for the green, well, there are only three Heraldic colours
left after you take away black and purple, namely red/blue/green - and
green is the best contrast with purple.

I've withdrawn my previous design.

> I'm all for starting voting ASAP.   What do you think about the
> "none of the above" option, though?   Or perhaps "no designs save
> for the above", and if that one's listed first, then it would be
> interpreted as "none of the above"?

No point. I say, let the vote take place, and if the result causes
widespread discontent, /then/ we can decide what to do about it. But,
you know, I don't believe it will. I have more faith in the majority
than that.


Estimated countdown to voting: About 19 hours.
Flag designs: